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Is it your dream to have a home that functions
with practicality on a daily basis yet greets guests with a warm and inviting ambiance you are proud to show off? If your decorating attempts have left you dissatisfied, or you just can't decide where to begin, don't despair! There is an answer that is easy and more affordable than you might have imagined: it is called "interior redesign."

We've changed the rules of traditional interior design. Our Redesign Specialists know what a challenge it can be to decorate your home yourself, especially with the items already in your home that are so familiar to you. Whether your style is charming and cozy or ultra-sophisticated, this unique design service can help you achieve your goals without spending a fortune - and the outcome will amaze you.

Interior redesign is a new decorating philosophy. Simply stated, I.R.I.S. members can show you how all the necessary ingredients for a well-designed space exist in your home already. Our approach is based on tried and true techniques and the concept philosophy: You can have a beautiful, comfortable, and inviting home that is easy on your wallet and you can have it in just one day. Your rooms undergo a stress-free transformation with the finished product being a stunning new look - at a tremendous savings to you!

Redesign Specialists do not judge your belongings and it is not our goal to sell you products. We combine our unique skills and professional training with an eye toward balance, scale, texture, and color, interpreting your lifestyle into the design. This attention to detail, along with our interest in enhancing the architectural elements of the room, is what creates the look that makes your house a well-designed home. Locate a Redesign Specialist near you and set up a consultation to discuss an interior redesign for your home. Take advantage of the wide range of design-related services our members offer...the benefits are unlimited. You will be thrilled with the value of this unique design concept.

To locate an I.R.I.S. Approved Instructor of Redesign, please click here.

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