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To locate an I.R.I.S. Approved Instructor of Redesign, please click here.

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Our Redesign Specialists offer a wide variety of design-related services. You will find the various services offered by each member in the Locate a Redesign Specialist directory.

Services offered might include:

  • Interior Redesign
  • Redesign for Real Estate/Home Staging/Curb Appeal
  • General Design Consultations
  • Paint and Color Consultations
  • Shopping Services
  • Office Organization
  • Party and Entertaining Ideas
  • Holiday Decorating
  • Decorative Painting/Faux Finnish
  • Garden/Patio Makeovers
  • Workshops/Speaking Engagements
  • Relocation/Move-in Services

Redesign for Real Estate/Home Staging
The new way to give your home "model appeal" for top dollar resale

Redesign for Real Estate, also known as Home Staging, simply means sprucing up your home before it goes on the market. This concept has become very popular and has been featured on several news shows, in magazines and newspapers. There are many ways to Redesign for Real Estate. Here are three examples:

1) The designer offers tips to enhance the salability of your home. These tips can be implemented with the redesign service.

2) In an empty home, create areas of interest with items brought in by the designer or purchased by the homeowner. A few carefully arranged vignettes will enhance the look of the home.

3) Use the designer as a resource for choosing temporary furnishings that are in keeping with the style and asking price of the home, whether you are living in the home or not.

If you do not see a designer listed in your area, please Contact I.R.I.S. to discuss your design needs.

Many I.R.I.S. members have been featured in magazines, newspapers, and on the HGTV show Decorating Cents.  Stop by the Featured Members page to see more photos and tips from the designers.


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