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If you are interested in becoming part of the fastest growing and most exciting industry in the design field today, you have come to the right place!

Please refer to the "List of the Approved Instructors" page, or click here.

All of the I.R.I.S. instructors listed on this page offer five-day training programs in the Redesign and home staging concepts. Each instructor, and the course curriculum, have been reviewed and approved by the I.R.I.S. organization as having met the requirements set forth by the ˇ§I.R.I.S. Policies and Procedures? guidelines and ˇ§I.R.I.S. Bylaws?for recognized industry standards. A student having completed a five day professional training program offered by one of these approved instructors is automatically eligible for membership in the I.R.I.S. organization.

As affirmed in the I.R.I.S. Mission Statement, we are committed to the process of education. I.R.I.S. instructors are not only leaders in the Redesign and Home Staging industries, but also exceptional educators in the principles of these unique concepts of interior design. As a California Non-profit Corporation, the I.R.I.S. organization does not operate a training course in Interior Redesign, but several of our qualified members do. We are proud of our instructors, their commitment to the integrity of true Redesign and Home Staging education, and the support and business development both they and our organization offer.

Each IRIS instructor brings a unique format and personal style to their training program. It is our recommendation that you contact each instructor personally to discuss all aspects of their professional training course, before you sign up or send in a deposit.

Thank you for the opportunity of introducing you to our talented group of instructors. In the spirit of camaraderie, we look forward to welcoming you as a member of I.R.I.S., the fastest growing organization in the Redesign industry! 

As a way of making your decision easier, we have suggested some questions you may wish to pose while researching all professional programs in the Redesign industry. In addition, we have included our responses to these questions as they relate to the approved IRIS instructors.

Q: Do I need any previous design training or experience?

A: All of the training programs are suitable for anyone without former education or experience in the design field. For those who have a traditional design background, the training programs offer an excellent opportunity for advanced learning in the techniques of redesign.
Q: What is included in the class curriculum?

A: Every program includes the principles and procedures of the redesign process, home staging and the differences between redesigning a home for people to live in versus staging a home for sale, the application of redesign techniques, hands-on redesign instruction, consultation guidelines and marketing and promotion of this unique type of design service.

Q: How many days is your program?

A: There is so much to learn about Redesign and home staging, that we feel a full five days is necessary to cover all the techniques, principles and practices of this design process.

Q.  If I want to become a home stager, what course should I take?

A:  Learning about redesign is the foundation upon which real estate staging is based ?being able to place furniture, hang art and accessorize to highlight the selling features of the home.  Once you learn the basics of redesign, you can both stage a home for sale and redesign the homeownerˇ¦s new home for the move-in.  With three days of hands-on practice in these basics, you are totally prepared to stage a home for sale, and do the move-in on the other side of the transaction.

Q: Is the class enrollment limited for more student participation opportunities?

A: Most programs rarely exceed five students in any given class. We believe that by limiting the enrollment, more personal attention and instruction is available to the individual student.
Q: How many redesigns take place in actual homes? Am I able to participate in the "hands-on" segment of the redesign?

A: While verbal and visual instruction is an integral part of the learning process, at IRIS, we believe that the ultimate way to learn redesign is by "doing". All instructors offer a minimum of three redesign opportunities, in different homes, in which you will participate in the actual "hands-on" process of the room make over.

Q: Am I eligible to join your Redesign Organization upon completion of my training program?

A: Because our training programs are five days in duration, and have included at least three participation opportunities, there are no further requirements to join our organization. Once you have completed the five day program, with an IRIS approved instructor, you are automatically qualified to join our organization.

Q: May I call some of your student referrals?

A: Individual instructors are happy to put you in touch with some of their former students so you may contact them and discuss their training experience, one-on-one.  

Please refer to the "List of the Approved Instructors" page or click here.


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