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Terms and Conditions of using this website: Please read:

Member Directory:
Anyone who chooses to contact an IRIS member through the member directory does so with the understanding that each member is an independent business owner and sets their own fees and service agreements. The IRIS organization cannot be held responsible or liable in any way for the designer/client relationship. Contacting and hiring a member through this website is the sole responsibility of the client and any work contracted for is a private matter between client and designer.

Independent Training Seminars:
The I.R.I.S. organization is not responsible or liable for any training program, seminar, workshop, or classes that may be listed on the I.R.I.S. our website, or on the website of an I.R.I.S. member. All professional training programs are independent of the organization. Every I.R.I.S. member independently owns and operates their businesses within the state where they are located. I.R.I.S. does not have any financial interest or stake in the respective businesses of I.R.I.S. members. Therefore, I.R.I.S. shall not be held liable for any losses, claims, damages and expenses attributable to any alleged acts or omissions of an I.R.I.S. member, its officers, directors, agents and employees. The agreement and/or contract for attending any seminar or training program is a private matter between the student and the instructor. I.R.I.S. shall will not be held responsible or liable in any way for a seminar in which a student attends, including but not limited to nonrefundable travel or hotel arrangements. I.R.I.S. is not required to accept a graduate of any training program, unless it is approved by the training committee. The approved list may change at any time and without notice.

Links :
We list links only for your convenience. IRIS does not endorse the website links, their products or services nor are we liable in any way for any reason associated with links.




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