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I.R.I.S. Approved Instructors of Redesign

All of the IRIS instructors listed on this site offer five-day training programs in the redesign concept. Each instructor, and the course content, have been reviewed and approved by the IRIS organization as having met the requirements set forth by the IRIS bylaws Policies and Procedures Guidelines for recognized industry standards. A student having completed a five day professional training program offered by one of these approved instructors is automatically eligible for membership in the IRIS organization.

Here is the list of Instructors of Redesign. Click on their names for more information.

Ann Anderson
Monroe, Connecticut

Barbara Bain
Jacksonville, FL

Carol Bass
Voorhees, NJ

Debra Blackmon
Bakersfield, California

Mary Desiderio
Crofton, Maryland

Sandy Dixon
Denver, Colorado

Jane Douglas
Chandler, Arizona

Nancy Geoghegan
Ft. Lauderdale, Florida

Charlie and Ruthanne Hatfield
Napa, California,

Connie Hammond
San Mateo, California

Joanne Lenart-Weary
Waterford, Pennsylvania

Gail Mayhugh
Las Vegas, Nevada

Kimberly Merritt
Peterborough, New Hampshire

Kristine Moore
Belmont, California

Victoria Palmer
Smithville, Missouri

Judy Pelinski
Lake in the Hills, Illinois

Kris Porter
Chicago, Illinois

Donna Reynolds
Redwood City, California

Valerie Sharp
British Columbia, Canada

Grace Ann Simoni
Naperville, Illinois

Marcia Smart
Thousand Oaks, California

Pam Smith
Thousand Oaks, California


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