12 Easy Ways To Get Your Own Gorgeous English Kitchen

Stunning kitchen with plenty of details
Amazing kitchen interior with attention to details

Apart from the living room, the kitchen is one of the most important rooms in your home. This is a place where you will spend time with your family – cooking, having meals and spending time together. You have to make sure you have enough space for all the people and activities. This is what you can easily achieve with English kitchen design.

Would you like to have a kitchen that will remind you of your carefree childhood spent in the countryside? Do you simply like a vintage interior design style? If you lack ideas on how to decorate your kitchen, you are lucky. We are here to present you amazing ideas for a country-style kitchen that will remind you of good old times.

1. Add Some Golden Shades For A Rustic Kitchen

Golden vintage kitchen decorations
Beautiful English kitchen with shades of gold looks brighter and warmer

Many people aren’t comfortable in adding golden shades into their homes because they are afraid it all might look a bit too much. However, having some golden tones here and there can make your home look rich and rustic.

Traditional kitchens stick to warm colors. That’s what makes them unique. Therefore, if you want to make your modern English kitchen more rustic, add a pinch of gold on your cabinets.

2. Create A Vintage Feel With Rustic Tiles

Rustic tiles to convert your kitchen into a traditional one
Stylish and sunny kitchen interior with accessories and rustic tiles

Let’s face it! Tiles are an essential part of every English kitchen. If you are a proud owner or a contemporary and modern kitchen but you want to make it look like one of those traditional kitchens, simply change the tiles.

Ethnic kitchen interior with beautiful details and rich tiles
Rustic kitchen interior with beautiful tiles

A rich plethora of patterns will make it difficult to decide which one would fit best in your kitchen. Therefore, take your time and try to envision your kitchen with colorful, lively and vibrant tiles.

3. Blend Modern And Old With Red Bricks In Your English Kitchen

Modern designed cooking space with a brick wall
Brick wall in spacious modern designed white kitchen with marble floor

Nothing makes space look warm as much as bricks do. If your kitchen seems cool, make it warm with a wall of red bricks. Some might think it’s a tad bit old-fashioned, but when combined with modern, light kitchen cabinets, red bricks bring your country kitchen style to life.

You will feel comfortable spending time in a space that is bright, warm and cozy. What’s more? Thanks to the contrast, the place will look even more immaculate.

4. Use Simple Colors For An Astonishing English Kitchen

Simple colors in the kitchen make it look glamorous
Stunning beige kitchen interior with darker curtains

Decorating a spacious English kitchen is a piece of cake. Unfortunately, not everyone is blessed to have an enormous kitchen. However, you can still make the most of it.

Use simple, warm colors such as beige to decorate your English kitchen. Make it look fancy and glamorous by adding some elegant, darker curtains or decorations carved in wood.

Kitchen cabinet with carved floral decorations
Floral decorations on the kitchen cabinets make it look vintage and elegant

However, be careful not to exaggerate with carved decorations since they can make your kitchen look tacky.

5. White Marble With Dark Cabinets For Pure Elegance

Modern English kitchen with marble countertop
Modern English kitchen with dark cabinets and white marble countertops

Who doesn’t like marble? Modern English kitchen style is addicted to marble. It makes the room look luxurious and even more spacious, especially when combined with darker cabinets.

Go for dark green if you want to reconnect with nature and bring in your outdoor, cheerful spirit. Don’t worry that your kitchen will be too bleak because white, marble countertops will make sure you get the brightness you need.

6. Let Your Kitchen Shine With Copper Pots And Pans

Copper cooking pots for a rustic feel
Shiny copper pots, pans and saucepans in white tiled kitchen

Traditional kitchens have been decorated with wooden baskets or dried flowers spread over a country kitchen table. You could do the same today but it wouldn’t be so practical. You don’t have to give up on a vantage English kitchen, though.

Store your shiny copper pots and pans on the shelves around the kitchen. You will get a unique and clean feel with well-polished pots.

7. Something Old And Something New In Your English Kitchen

Traditional cast iron AGA cooker is an essential part of every cooking space
Traditional English kitchen with cast-iron AGA cooker

A cast-iron cooker has been an indispensable part of every English kitchen for ages. However, you must be wondering if it can fit in a modern kitchen. And our answer is: Yes, it can.

A cooker like this can make your kitchen look antique yet sophisticated. Additionally, it can give away that warm, royal feel. You will love spending time there.

8. Be Bold With A Marvelous Island

Kitchen island is a great family gathering place
Beautiful luxury home kitchen with white cabinets and a stunning island

A kitchen island may be a central, welcoming place for all family members to gather around and entertain each other while they are waiting for a meal.

Having that extra gathering place in your kitchen can be ideal for many family cooking projects. Additionally, it can serve as an extra seating space which is always welcome when you have a big family.

9. Save Space With Hanging Pots

Cooking area with modern interior
Modern kitchen interior with hanging pots above the island

Traditional kitchens can come off as cramped because most of them have a large country kitchen table that takes up all the space. However, you can always install units on your ceiling to hang your pots. It’s an essential part of every country-style kitchen.

10. Warm Colors For Your Kitchen Utensils

Colorful utensils on the blue wall
A pile of colorful kitchen utensils to bring your kitchen to life

If you are passionate about cooking then you must have plenty of kitchen utensils. Colorful forks, spoons, and pots fit perfectly in any country-style kitchen and make it easier to indulge in preparing delicious British recipes.

11. Don’t Forget A Traditional English Kitchen Tea Set

Tea set to make your English kitchen complete
A gorgeous tea set in the white kitchen

You might not be a fan of British recipes but can you imagine an English kitchen without a sophisticated tea set? Find a small place on your kitchen countertop or a country kitchen table for a marvelous set. This will make your kitchen look warmer and more friendly.

12. Vintage Wooden Chairs And A Table Are Essential

White tablecloth on the table and a wooden bench in bright kitchen
Bright kitchen with a wooden bench for a rustic feel

If you want to go for one of those traditional kitchens, you must be careful when equipping it with a country kitchen table and chairs. Your country kitchen table doesn’t have to be opulent but it has to be big enough for rich family dinners over Christmas or Thanksgiving Day. However, you can easily experiment with chairs.

If you would like to stick to rustic styles, then go for wide, wooden benches. You shouldn’t worry about the lack of comfort though. You can always make them more comfortable by adding some stylish cushions. On the other hand, if you prefer comfort and luxury, then you can opt for lavish wooden chairs with arabesque decorations.

Luxury kitchen English style
Luxurious kitchen with beautiful wooden chairs

Converting your cooking space into a mesmerizing English kitchen is an interesting project with versatile opportunities. Whether you opt for handcrafted furniture and kitchen utensils or modern ones, your kitchen can still be a timeless sanctuary.


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