13 Cool Balcony Ideas To Make Your Days More Refreshing

Woman having some tea and breakfast on the balcony overlooking the city
Woman on the balcony overlooking the city

Most people focus on decorating their living rooms, kitchens, and bedroom while the balconies often remain neglected. However, a balcony can be turned into your cozy corner where you will enjoy spending an afternoon off or a warm, summer night. Luckily, we can help you with amazing balcony ideas to help you turn your balcony into space you want to spend all your free time in.

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1. All You Need Is Two Comfy Chairs And A Small Table

Small table and two chairs on the balcony
Breakfast on the balcony

Whether you have a small balcony or a spacious one, you need some balcony furniture. If you want to keep things simple, two chairs and a small table could be enough.

Just imagine your mornings sitting in a comfy chair on the balcony, having some breakfast and coffee before setting off to work. It sounds like a perfect start of the day, doesn’t it?

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2. Big Balconies For Glamorous Furniture

Spacious balcony ideas for furniture and decorations
Decoration and furniture on a modern balcony

If you are a lucky owner of a spacious balcony, you could always turn it into a gathering space for family and friends. Feel free to experiment with glamorous modern furniture. However, make sure you still add some comfort to it with decorative cushions.

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3. Set Up A Herb Garden

Garden balcony ideas
Enjoy the smells of herbs on your balcony

Living in a big city, in an apartment doesn’t have to mean that you have to run to the store every time you need some rosemary or thyme. Let your mind explore balcony garden ideas. Don’t be afraid of setting up your herb garden on the balcony.

Not only can this be an incredible timesaver but it can also turn your balcony into an aromatherapy station. Don’t you love the calming smells of fresh lavender and basil?

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4. Balcony Ideas Don’t Have To Be Expensive

Inexpensive balcony ideas for seating and decoration
Cozy wooden pallet couch on balcony

Balcony furniture can get quite expensive. However, even if you are running on a tight budget, you might be able to afford cozy and intimate balcony furniture.

Among the most popular cheap balcony ideas are simple installations of palettes covered with large cushions and turned into a quite comfortable seating space. What’s more? You can always add a blanket and make the entire set even more intimate.

A wooden couch on the balcony
A blanket and cushions for an intimate corner on the balcony

If you are worried about privacy, opt for some higher plants to easily make your natural balcony privacy screen.

5. Add Cushions For More Comfort

Create a vintage atmosphere with cushions
Colorful cushions on the balcony for a vintage feel

There is no such thing as too many cushions when it comes to balcony ideas for decorations. Adding way too many cushions might be a no-no in the living room.

However, if you want to reach a higher level of comfort on your balcony, then feel free to add as many cushions as you want. Let your balcony be a decoration rule-free zone.

Get comfortable with some throw pillows for your balcony

6. Opt For Intimate Balcony Ideas

Play with paper lanterns to create a romantic atmosphere
Paper lanterns on the balcony for a romantic feel

Creating a cozy and intimate atmosphere might be the most demanding out of all balcony ideas and designs. However, you could always decorate your balcony with paper lanterns to make it look more intimate.

If you are looking for a more traditional way to create a romantic atmosphere, then go with a bunch of candles.

Calm and cozy night on the balcony with candles and flowers
Beautiful terrace or balcony with a small table, candles, and flowers

Be careful it’s not so windy outside, though, since it might ruin your plans. Your romantic night could turn into a night spent in the dark on the balcony.

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7. Huge Flower Pots For A Spacious Balcony

Beautiful modern terrace with a lot of flowers
Beautiful modern balcony with a lot of flowers and herbs

If you are blessed with a spacious balcony, don’t hesitate to turn it into a green oasis with amazing balcony garden ideas.

If you opt for smaller balcony planters that you can simply hang on the fence, you will have extra space for balcony furniture while still being able to enjoy the colorful oasis.

Hanging flowerpots on the railing
Flowerpot full of flowers and decorative lamp on the wooden railing

On the other hand, wide balcony planters don’t have to be expensive. You can always set off on a DIY project and make custom sizes too.

Keep in mind, though, that wide and long flower balcony planters can be a perfect balcony privacy screen too.

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8. Inexpensive Small Balcony Ideas

Benches are a great seating option for narrow balconies
Spacious balcony bench with colorful flower pots in the corner

A small balcony is always better than no balcony at all. What’s great about a small balcony is that you can easily come up with small balcony ideas for decorations since you don’t have a lot of choices.

If you still want to have a seating place, go for long benches rather than chairs and tables. This will let you incorporate some garden planters too to make your balcony more nature-friendly. Among the most popular balcony garden ideas are those hanging flower pots too.

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9. Sunbathe In A Hammock On The Balcony

The most relaxing balcony ideas revolve around comfort
Young woman enjoys sunset relaxing in the hammock on the balcony

Are you a fan of the great outdoors but you rarely get the chance to go camping? You can bring the great outdoors to your balcony by setting up a hammock.

Just imagine watching the sunset while lazing around in your hammock with a glass of wine. It sounds relaxing, doesn’t it?

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10. Be Brave And Let The Colors In

Colorful terrace can make you feel amazing
Enjoy all the beautiful colors on the balcony

Incorporating a rich plethora of colors into the living room might be tasteless, but you can let your love for colors loose on your balcony.

Choose colorful tables, chairs, cushions, flowers and create a rainbow on your balcony. Turn it into your happy place – a sanctuary that can instantly make you feel better after a long day of work or on a rainy day.

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11. Use Your Balcony Wall Space

Use your balcony walls to set up hanging flowerpots
Young woman watering hanging plants on her balcony

When browsing through balcony ideas and decorations, people focus on balcony furniture so much that they completely neglect the walls.

For instance, shelves on the balcony can serve as extra storage space. On the other hand, you can always hang plenty of flower pots to make the place even greener and more colorful.

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12. How About Some Barbecue On The Balcony?

Barbecue balcony ideas perfect for a small group of friends
Group of young friends having fun on the balcony making barbecue

Having a backyard is a dream come true for all people who like to spend time outside. However, you can still have some fun on your balcony.

Gathering friends and making barbecue on the balcony can be just as fun. Appreciate and enjoy those moments because you are truly blessed to have them.

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13. Interesting And Simple Privacy Balcony Ideas

Curtains as great balcony privacy screen
Young family having fun on the balcony

When you are living in a huge block of buildings, it’s quite challenging to have enough privacy. There are several ways to find the most fitting balcony privacy screen.

However, installing some white curtains on your balcony can make the entire space still look bright and romantic. These are simple to set up. Additionally, you can always take the curtains off if you get tired of them.

Finally, you can always save space by placing a hanging swing chair which can help you hide from the nosy neighbors too. It’s ideal for small balconies as well.

Hanging swing chair on the balcony for some coziness and privacy
Beautiful hanging swing chair on the balcony gives you some privacy

So, do you like our balcony ideas? If you have some of your own, feel free to share them with us.


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