15 Quick And Easy Stuffed Animal Storage Solutions

Stuffed animal storage

One of the first gifts a baby gets – often before he/she is even born – is a cute stuffed animal. They are cute, beautiful and soft. But they multiply at a frightening speed!

A little lion on the shelf, another on the nursing seat… By the time the child is 3 years old, the room will be filled with lions, bears, Mickey Mouses, and several other cute characters.

Unsure what to with so many cute stuffed animals? Read on for 15 easy solutions!


1. Hanging Organizer

Stuffed animal storage - hanging organizer
Photo by Amazon

One idea is to use a hanging organizer such as the one shown above. With this stuffed animal net, you can gather all your kids’ toys in one place.

This stuffed animal storage can be hanged from the ceiling and provides large animal storage.

Get ChezMax Hanging Mesh Space Saver Bags from Amazon. 


2. Wooden Display Rack

Stuffed animal storage - wooden rack

Why not turn the cute stuffed animals part of your home décor? One idea that works best for this is using a wooden rack with open shelves and organizing the animals on it.

This stuffed animal storage can occupy all your kids’ toys and make it easy for them to pick the one they want to play with.

Get KidKraft Wooden Bookcase with Reading Nook from Amazon. 


3. Store In A Chest

toy storage chest
Photo by Amazon

Store cute stuffed animals in a chest at the foot of the bed. A beautiful piece of traditional accent and one that is also very practical. Children will definitely find the idea fun and interesting.

Buy Sorbus Toy Chest with Flip-Top Lid from Amazon. 


4. Zoo Cage For Stuffed Animal Storage

Stuffed animal storage - Zoo
Photo by Amazon

If your child has a growing zoo of stuffed animals, it only makes sense to build a cage. This nicely crafted custom wood piece available on Amazon will help you do that. The cage is 36″ in Height, 22″ in Length, and 15″ in width.

An elastic cord roll forms the bars of the cage and makes it easier for your child to move animals in and out.

There are many variations available for the cage painted in different colors and sealed with polyurethane UV protection.

Get Cerise Stuffed Animal Zoo from Amazon. 


5. Open And Closed Storage

For easy offshore access, consider a mix of open and closed storage. This sweetest occasion cute cubby design includes open shelving for display items and baskets for clutter.

For this setting, set a limit with your child about how many stuffed animals she can display at one time. Think three or four toys at a time. The rest can be nested in one of the baskets.


6. Toy Hammock For Stuffed Animal Storage

Stuffed animal storage - toy hammock
Photo by Amazon

A cozy hanging hammock is the perfect place for stuffed animals. This stuffed animal net is a super effective space optimizer. It is 1.80cm wide and includes the mounting hooks.

The key to this stuffed animal net is the suspension height. If you just want to display stuffed animals, put it in a high corner. But if you want your child to be able to pick up toys, hang them within reach.

You can also make your own hammock with the use of a large piece of fabric, bias tape and hanging nails. That’s it.

If you wish to decorate the finished stuffed animal net, use colored pom-pom on the border.

Get HOME4 Stuffed Animal Toy Storage Hammock Net from Amazon. 


7. Use Cradle

Stuffed animal storage - cradle
Photo by Photstream on Flicker

The old cradle also serves as a great stuffed animal storage place.

Store stuffed animals in a wooden cradle or in your child’s old crib. Save them and use them as decorations for the room. The perfect piece for two purposes.

Get Manhattan Toy Baby Stella Time To Sleep Cradle Baby Doll Bed from Amazon. 


8. Storage Bands On The Wall

Another fun idea is to use storage bands on the walls. They keep the toys on the wall and can be adapted and stretched depending on the size of the toys or objects placed there.

For large stuffed animals, you can use the corner of the same wall and place those animals there.


9. Giant Puff Bag For Stuffed Animal Storage

Stuffed animal storage - Puff bag
Photo by Amazon

One of the best ideas for stuffed animal storage is using the page age with storage capacity. It is a super space optimizer!

When the stuffed animals are stored, it becomes a puff for the child to sit on! The closure is zippered and has various colors available.

Get Fine Bean Bag Chair for Kids from Amazon. 


10. Install Corner Shelves For Stuffed Animal Storage

corner shelf
Photo by Amazon

Corner shelves are good for all kinds of things and for stuffed animals, it is no exception. They fit nicely in the corner above the bunk.

Get RiverRidge 3-Shelf Kids Corner Cabinet, White from Amazon!


11. High Shelf On Wall Below Ceiling

toy floating shelf
Photo by Amazon

Another idea with shelves is to mount a high shelf on the wall, just below the ceiling. All stuffed animals can be stored and displayed there and you will not lose valuable floor space.

Buy brightmaison Children’s Wall Mounted Floating Shelf from Amazon. 


12. Pocket Shoe Organizer

Stuffed animal storage - pocket shoe organizer
Photo by Photstream on Flicker

The pocket shoe organizer is great because it hardly takes up any space and is a cheap solution.

So, hang a shoe organizer to store small stuffed animals behind the door.

Get Aitsite 2 Pcs Wall Hanging Storage Bag from Amazon. 


13. Plastic Bins And Drawers

Stuffed animal storage - plastic bin shelf drawer
Photo by Amazon

These bins with shelf drawers can organize, cute stuffed animals and other toys.

The structure is made of wood and boxes of plastic.

Get Homfa Toddler’s Toy Storage Organizer from Amazon. 


14. Wall-Mounted Buckets And Baskets

toy wall basket
Photo by Amazon

Easy to do! Turn a messy, unorganized playroom or bedroom into a mess-free zone with wall-mounted buckets and baskets.

Buckets or wall baskets are an easy and practical solution to the toy problem. It works well for keeping toys out of the way, but still easily accessible.

Get Wall35 Kansas Wall Mounted Kids Room Bookshelf from Amazon. 


15. Bookcase With Stuffed Animal Storage

Stuffed animal storage - Bookcase
Photo by Amazon

Bookcase with stuffed animal storage is another good solution for organizing and storing stuffed toys. In addition to keeping the books, it can also become a niche for cute stuffed animals.

Get Lift & Hide Bookcase with Kids Storage Bin (Pink) from Amazon. 


Having read all these great ideas, what is your pick for the stuffed animal storage? Let us know in the comment section below.

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