5 Best Bathroom Mirrors To Flaunt Yourself

Bathroom Mirror
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Whether you have stacked your vanity with cosmetic stuff or you have one toothbrush and toothpaste that is enough for you, well-designed bathroom mirrors are essential to your look and to the overall bath design.

Many people overlook the details when buying a bathroom mirror. But when it comes to discussing and defining width, height, shape, frame, position, they simply enter into a mystery world and have no clue what to do next.

That is why we have made it easy for you and assembled a “top bathroom mirror” list of bathroom mirrors. Choosing one of those bathroom mirrors will significantly add to your vanity and bathroom. Even if you have some experience and define yourself as an expert when the topic bathroom mirrors are brought, you will find this guide helpful. That’s because we display five of the best bathroom mirrors on the market.

1. CO-Z Dimmable Oval LED Bathroom Mirror

Circular bathroom mirror
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Are you looking for a beautifully-designed oval-shaped mirror that creates a pleasant feeling when added to your bathroom? Then the CO-Z Dimmable Oval LED Bathroom Mirror is the pick you might want to go with. The mirror is sized in 22 inches of width and 28 inches of height which is completely enough to cover your needs.

A cool feature that comes with this mirror is that it has an oval LED strap added close to the mirror’s edge so you can get better clarity while you’re washing or shaving.

The LED light bulbs exude a decent light with the total output of 1200 lumens which can fully lighten your face and you can notice every small detail on it.

The light bulbs are capable of emitting temperatures of 4000K. This represents a beautiful white color that does no harm to the eye. The LED lights are capable of supporting your mirror for 50000 hours straight which is completely enough to last for a few years.

Adjust The Fade

A cool feature that is added to the LED lights is that you can adjust the fade from 13 watts to 26 watts which is really precious because, at night, the eye can be highly irritated by strong light. Being able to adjust the brightness will relax your eyes without harming them.

Overall, this bathroom mirror is constructed from high-quality materials, and it is eco-friendly which makes it a perfect fit for any bathroom.

Thanks to a silver coat that covers the glass, the mirror becomes anti-scratch so you can keep your mind at peace if your kid is playing with its car toys in the mirror.

It is definitely a great pick, and it is priced at $180. This product is given 4.7 out of a 5.0-star review and is definitely worth every penny.

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2. HAUSCHEN LED Bathroom Wall Mounted Mirror

Bathroom mirror

You are not a fan of oval-shaped bathroom mirrors, and you prefer square-shaped mirrors that even exude more powerful and beautiful light? We’ve made it easy for you by showing you the HAUSCHEN LED Bathroom Wall Mounted Mirror.

Its dimensions are 24 x 32 x 1.4 inches, which makes it a perfect fit for either horizontal or vertical position. The LED light bulbs exude a total light power of 5500K, which makes it capable of using it as a vanity mirror.

The mirror is designed with a copper-free frame and eco-friendly materials that contain no chance of harming you or the environment.

Similar to the previous model, this one also comes with adjustable brightness. You can accustom the light with a touch sensor to 5% or 100% depending on your preference. This incredible mirror comes with 4.6 out of a 5.0-star review, and it’s currently priced at $200.

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3. NeuType Large LED Wall Mounted Bathroom Mirror

LED Bathroom Mirror

Whether you are a fashion model and you need a high-quality vanity mirror, or you are simply a person that cares about his outlook, the NeuType Large LED Wall Mounted Bathroom Mirror is the answer. It comes with lots of features that will keep you satisfied. This mirror comes with dimensions 28 x 36 x 1.18 inches. The cool thing here is that it has a magnifying feature added. You will be able to zoom in on any small detail on your face 3X.

This vanity mirror is rectangular-shaped, and it is designed with a corrosion-free aluminum frame. It also stables the back structure of the mirror in the odd case where it may fall down.

Except for the zooming feature, another cool thing that you can find is three colors and brightness that you can adjust depending on your taste. There is a small bottom-centered circle button that allows you to choose what color the LED lights to be in.

Available options are white, warm white, and yellow. And the brightness can also be accustomed, ranging from 3000K to 6500K. This one is the top-rated on our list and will definitely add supremely to your bathroom design.

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4. Hans & Alice LED Wall Mounted Bathroom Mirror

Hans & Alice LED Wall Mounted Bathroom Mirror
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When we’re speaking of a beautifully designed bathroom mirror that creates an incredible LED light aura, it is worth mentioning the Hans & Alice LED Wall Mounted Bathroom Mirror. The vanity mirror is quite large in size, coming in 36 inches of width and 28 inches of height.

This bathroom mirror also comes with a dimming feature, allowing it to adjust brightness from 0 to 1800K.

The mirror comes with three silver coats at the back. Plus it comes with a CAT1 vinyl backing that secures it from falling down and breaking.

It is definitely a great option if you’re keen on plain and elegant bathroom mirrors.

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5. DIYHD Box Diffusers LED Bathroom Mirror

 DIYHD Box Diffusers LED Bathroom Mirror
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Are you searching for a large and eye-catching bathroom mirror that provides robustness and is pleasant to the eye? Then you might find the DIYHD Box Diffusers LED Bathroom Mirror suitable to your needs.

Similar to the previous one, this fits perfectly with your bathroom appearance and creates an overall pleasant feeling. It does quite a good job as a vanity mirror since it will perfectly fit with your cosmetic stuff.

Like the previous ones, a dimming feature is available so you can adjust the color temperature illumination. That way you’ll be able to wash and make yourself under a light that suits you best.

The total light power produced is equal to 3528 lumens. Furthermore, the light bulbs are capable of sustaining your mirror design to 50000 hours straight. Which is completely enough for years to come. All in all, it is a great pick and comes with outstanding 5.0 out of a 5.0-stars review. It’s definitely a fantastic option that will ideally add to your overall bath appearance. It’ll also make your bath feel like a shiny place.

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If you already have one of these bathroom mirrors or you just bought one, leave a comment below, and share your experience. Also, be sure to check out some more cool ideas on bathroom wallpapers and other fresh ideas to brighten up your bathroom.


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