5 Types Of Stone Steps For Your Dream Home


Planning to build your dream home? It must be overwhelming. If you’re contemplating to include stone steps as a part of your dream home, let us help you in that decision a little.

Highly versatile, strong and durable stone steps are all you need to make your dream home look luxurious and chic.

The landscaping steps in your garden and pathway will naturally add a curb appeal to your home. Moreover, all of your guests will get a royal and elegant welcome to your home every time you invite them over. Doesn’t that sound amazing? Besides, adding an alluring appeal to the entrance of your house, the outdoor steps make walking so much easier and safe for kids and elderly people alike. This is why it has become mandatory to have stepping stones at your home. You can also add stone slabs in your new home.

The stone steps make evening walks in your garden even more beautiful and magical. While there are several options available for stepping stones, it is always good to consider several options before selecting one for your home.

Although you might have a lot going on while building the home you always desired, it is always good to do some research. Not only will it help you in bringing your dream home into a reality, but it’ll also help you in cutting down the expenses.

While looking at stone steps and stone slabs, you would find different types of materials, each being different in their own way. This can be quite confusing when you do not have much knowledge about stepping stones material. So, here is a list of some of the most durable and modish step stones you can find out there.

5 Different Types of Stone Steps One Can Go For

1. Luna StepStone

Great stone steps for home
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Some of the most popular stone step designs come in natural stone. Natural stone offers a wild and ecstatic look to the outdoors.

If you are someone who loves natural stepping stone designs and want to add a glowing effect to your lawn or outdoor steps, then this is the thing for you. The overall effect of the stepstone is derived from nature and gives a very heavenly feel by glow in the dark effect. The stepping stone can be placed in your garden as well as a terrace to give it a glowy celestial aura.

The stone steps look exquisite during the day and immensely appealing at night.
The Luna StepStone comes in a beautiful design, paved with the concept of glow in the dark stepstone.

The overall design gives the other ordinary stepping stone a creative feel in the most natural way. And to add more to the beauty, the step stone designs are available in 5 different options. What more can you ask for?

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2. Spoontiques Butterfly With Flowers Stepping Stone

Colourful stone steps for home
Photo by Spoontiques on Amazon

We all love our gardens, right? Enjoying the sunrise and the sunset, the cool breeze, and the warm sun rays are something we all cherish. You can make your garden and the entire landscaping look more attractive and appealing just by adding stone steps to the front.

This gorgeous stepping stone is made from resin and calcium carbonate. The beautiful butterflies with flowers are a beautiful addition to your garden and pathway.

It is a design that will also allure kids so they can enjoy getting playful in the garden.

The Spoontiques Butterfly with Flowers Stepping Stone is an amazing way to decorate the outdoors and indoors of your dream home. Besides, it is available in different designs. The hand-sculpted and painted decor can be hung on the wall or simply placed in the garden.

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3. Iron Verdigris Garden Turtle Stepping Stone

Turtle shaped stone steps
Photo by InsideOut on Amazon

What is better than dressing up your garden, pathway and outdoor steps with landscaping steps? How about adding a turtle stepping stone to your outdoors and indoors?

The Iron Verdigris Garden Turtle Stepping Stone is a perfect addition to the natural environment of your garden. The stepping stone has an attractive verdigris finish made with cast iron.

The artistic details on the turtle stepping stone are impossible to overlook in your garden. Moreover, the turtle step stone would look absolutely perfect on a rainy day too. So, what are you waiting for? Grab the attractive iron verdigris step stone for your lawn.

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4. Gardener’s Supply Company Steeping Stone

recycled railroad tie stepping stone

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Stone steps are not just the outdoor steps but an amazing way to make both your indoors and outdoors outshine. These stepping stones effortlessly make your space look elegant.

Although these stones look like something you need to spend a fortune on, they are quite inexpensive. These elegant stone steps being one of them!

Stone steps are a beautiful decorative stone for your outdoor steps. These stone steps are environmental-friendly. They are a beautiful piece of art that will add a beautiful aura to your garden space by giving a look of wooden sleepers. The stepping stone is sculpted to naturally add beauty to your outdoor space and give an eye-catching appeal to the front of your home. It is easy to install and maintain as it can be easily placed on a walk away in the garden.

They are made from recyclable rubber and are very durable. Besides, they look simply astounding. Moreover, they give a whimsical appearance to the passerby’s and can give you the confidence you need to host outdoor parties. They are beautifully designed to enhance the look of your home.

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5. Spoontiques Mermaid Stone Step

Mermaid design outdoors
Photo by Spoontiques on Amazon

Stone steps are a beautiful thing to add to your dream home. They are the most amazing things that accentuate the outlook of your home without putting much effort.

The Spoontiques Mermaid Stone Steps are made from resin stone. They are made of resin and calcium. You can use the stone step to decorate your lawn or use it as a wall plaque for your beautiful home. Besides, the beautiful mermaid design is outstanding, the stepping stone comes in different options that you can select as per your taste.

It is an amazing stone step that can be put indoors and outdoors with a welcome note. You can place step stone on the terrace too for a classy feel.

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So, now that you have some of the most amazing options for step stones you can make a better choice. Moreover, most of the above-mentioned step stones can be used outdoors as well as indoors. So, add these stepping stones and add some glam to your home decor.

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