5 Upholstered Chairs For The Perfect Look & Feel

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Buying furniture is never an easy task. Nowadays, so many different styles and decorations can make your living space much more comfortable and modern, especially with various upholstered chairs.

However, if you are looking to add extra seating to your living room, then upholstered chairs might as well be your ideal solution.

These living room chairs can truly make a statement in your living space.

What Makes Upholstered Chairs So Popular?

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Whether you live in an apartment or a house, you spend most of your time in the living room. Therefore, turning it to that perfect space to spend your free afternoons and greet guests should be your goal.

Upholstered chairs have become a very popular piece of furniture, thanks to their design and comfort.

A lot of cushions with foam enclosed in fabric or leather make these living room chairs amazing.

What’s more? Upholstered chairs, also known as accent chairs, have a wooden or steel frame that makes them elegant.

However, people not only opt for upholstered chairs because of their elegance and comfort. They choose them because they require very low maintenance.

A thorough vacuum cleaning would be enough to keep your living room chairs perfect.

Additionally, it’s important to note that accent chairs can get quite pricey depending on the style, design, and fabric you opt from. On the other hand, upholstered chairs are so durable that they are worth every penny.

Types Of Upholstered Chairs To Design Your Rooms

Even though finding furniture that can fit your space can be a rather long process. Upholstered chairs come in so many shapes and designs. So you can never make a mistake!

In this article, we list down five amazing upholstered chairs that will make your living room look stylish and bright.

5 upholstered chairs
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You can easily find them on Amazon, so it will save you a significant amount of time since you won’t have to visit numerous furniture stores.

1. Baxton Studio Sorrento Mid-Century Retro Modern Fabric

Grey Upholstered Chair
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If you don’t like to experiment with designs, a retro armchair is ideal for you.

Just take a look at that chair because it will make your space state-of-the-art.

It’s a single chair with button-tufting cushions that will make your resting time more pleasant.

The dark walnut wooden frame of this armchair can fit just about any space. Keep in mind, though, that the cushions are stiff.

What’s more? It’s lightweight which makes it easy to carry around. This just means that redecorating and rearranging your furniture will be a piece of cake.

Finally, this gorgeous chair is sturdy and well-made with solid wooden arms and legs. This is what makes it perfect for watching TV in the afternoon or working on your laptop on your lap.

The best thing about this chair is that it’s so spacious and you can easily just curl up and make yourself comfy. You can even turn it into a reading chair.

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2. Stone & Beam Decatur Modern Tufted Wingback

Cream soothing upholstered chair
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If you are looking for sturdiness, comfort, and elegance in one chair, then you should go for one of these chairs. This chair will brighten up your space.

What’s more? Sitting in this chair for several hours won’t make you sore since it gives you all the support you might need for your back and shoulders.

This is one of the best constructed upholstered chairs even though the fabric seems a little course. However, the fabric is light and of high quality, so it’s definitely worth the money.

If your dark wood dominates your living space, this is the right type of accent chair to invest in because it offers a great contrast due to its light oatmeal fabric.

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3. Best Choice Products Modern Contemporary Chair

Colorful Accent Chair
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If you are running on a tight budget, Best Choice Products on Amazon offer great armless upholstered chairs that will save space in a small living room too.

Floral prints on the hardwood frame can look quite sophisticated and attractive.

Soft foam cushions will give you all the support and comfort you might need.

Additionally, these polyester chairs are great as they have floor protectors which make them scratch-proof. You can easily move them around thanks to their lightweight.

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4. Modern Sleek Upholstered Fabric Padded Executive Recliner

Reading upholstered chair
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Book worms need to have chairs that will make them feel comfortable while they spend hours and hours reading in the living room.

A simple sofa might be enough, but having an appropriate reading chair is a much better solution.

Most reading chairs are just as stylish and chic to fit in with your decor while providing all the comfort you need.

Solid wood legs and durable frame, as well as some soft foam padding, should be enough. However, what makes reading chairs perfect is the fact that they have leg rest extra.

A simple look at this amazing reading chair with leg rest on Amazon will help you understand why this chair takes comfort to the next level.

Due to its size, this chair won’t take too much of your living space hence you can easily treat yourself with a reading corner.

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5. Alfred Tufted Fabric Club Chair With Ottoman

Alfred upholstered chair
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Living space needs to be comfy and decorated in a way so that you can enjoy the time you spend there. Your living room can reach a higher level of style and design thanks to these ottoman chairs.

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If you take a look at this ottoman chair on Amazon, you will understand what we are talking about.

Can you already imagine yourself resting your feet after a long day at work on that ottoman?

The cushions offer so much coziness that you will forget about all your troubles.

The contemporary look of these chairs can bring a new flair into your living room and add sophistication.

If you opt for a wide ottoman chair, you will be able to enjoy the peace and quiet sitting in the most comfortable place.

Are you willing to experiment with new furniture? Accent chairs might as well be your starting point.

Once you find upholstered chairs to fit your home, you will be able to build up from there much more easily.

And if you’re planning on totally revamping your living room area, pair your furniture with a coffee table to bring the whole room together. Be sure to check out these 8 unique coffee table designs to get some inspiration.


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