7 Cool Bunk Beds To Keep Your Kids Excited For Sleep Time

Loft and Bunk Beds
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A quiet, peaceful place and a perfect bed are all that children need for a perfect night’s rest. But, what is the best choice for your kids: bunk beds, loft beds or normal beds?

A bunk bed has two beds on top of each other.

A loft bed is an elevated bed similar to a bunk bed. The only difference is that it does not have a lower bed. The lower portion is used to incorporate other furniture like a desk. Therefore, a loft bed comes with a bench underneath and a bed on top.

The loft and the bunk beds make bedtime more fun. They are great for children’s rooms and everyone loves them.

You will see the benefits of purchasing a bunk or loft bed with stairs instead of buying a normal kids’ bed immediately.

There are several reasons why these space-saving beds are just perfect for your children.

It drives kids with excitement and children often beg their parents to buy them a bunk or loft bed.

Bunk Bed with ladder
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Bunk beds and loft beds are especially good for small spaces.

Beds with stairs offer great fun to children who like climbing up and down.

Storage space is also extended. There are some stairs that have space under them for storing things.

Add a drawer on each step and get an extra storage space or attach a desk to the beds too.

Find Out The 7 Best Bunk Beds Available Online

1. We Furniture AZWSTOTNL Twin Bunk Bed

Bunk Beds on Amazon
from Amazon

A bed of solid real wood. It is very sturdy and well-built. The simple design of the bed makes it look really appealing and user-friendly.

The honey color gives the room a natural warmth. It is perfect for adding more organization and storage to a room.


2. Storkcraft Caribou Solid Hardwood Twin Bunk Bed

Beds with Safety
from Amazon

The adorable deep blue color of this solid-wood bed wakes up the gentle emoticons.

It is reminiscent of the sea… just like a dream. It is a classic design of a bed that can fit in every room.

3. DHP X-Loft Metal Bunk Bed Frame With Desk


Metal bed
from Amazon

This industrial-style black metal bed is very sturdy. Many reviewers applaud that this is one of the best loft beds with desk on the market because of its space-saving qualities.

4. GLCHQ Multifunctional DESIGN Kids Loft Bed

Wooden bed
from Amazon

This gentle bed with ivory white colour will turn the room into an interactive playground. Easy-climb two rung ladder and complimentary slide make it easy to climb up and down. Guardrails line the perimeter of the bed to keep your child from falling off.

Your kids can use the simple space-saving space at the bottom as a play area or extra storage for keeping books and toys. Therefore, the bed combines both functionality and childish style.

5. MAX & LILY Solid Wood Twin Over Full Bunk Bed, White

White wooden bed
from Amazon

This bed is great for the whole family. It has a unique style and elegant smooth look.

It is made of solid pine wood construction of excellent quality. Furthermore, the bottom bunk has room for both kids and parents.

It has a wide, grooved ladder step that provides comfortable and safe climbing. Add a trundle or drawers for extra storage.

6. CANWOOD 2131-9 Whistler Junior Bed-Espresso Loft

Kid sleeping beds
from Amazon

This simple loft bed is great for sleepovers. Additionally, it has under bed storage. It is made lower to the ground than a traditional loft or bunk bed. The elevation provides an inspiring experience without losing safety.

CANWOOD Whistler Junior Loft Bed is a fun and cute little bed. Many customers said that it is suitable for a child up to age 10 because it does not look overly childish.

Combine the bed with other elements of the Whistler Junior Furniture Collection and get functional and organized space. The full set of this collection has everything you need for a stylish kid’s or teen’s room.

The loft bed, 3-drawer chest, junior desk and bookcase fit together easily, providing ample storage for toys, books, etc. Therefore, it can be a full complete bedroom solution. It can be easily turned into another decor. The height of the bed is perfect to reach the children.

7. Your Zone Metal Loft Twin Bed By SuperIndoor


Metal loft
from Amazon

This is a wonderful choice if you want to save money or if you are searching for a fun twin loft bed for your kid’s room. Furthermore, owners say it is easy to put together and does not sway or wobble while in use.

Some reviewers have noted that the metal ladder can be painful on sensitive feet, but adding DIY padding is an easy fix.

8. DONCO KIDS Twin Tent Loft Bed With Slide White Finish With Blue Tent

Kids twin side finish
from Amazon

This bed is available in different colors: white, pink, blue. It looks very magical. However, its only problem is that the slide makes the bed take up a lot more space.

Types Of Bunk Beds

Kids beds come in different styles, therefore, it is easy to find the one that matches your room decor and your child’s wishes.

Standard loft design features one bed elevated over an open space typically large enough to accommodate a work desk as well as a chair. These loft beds are popularly known as loft beds with desk.

The standard bunk bed features two stacked sleep surfaces (some models even three).

Both beds are detachable allowing parents to remove the top bunk if necessary.

Loft bed
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Other Types Of Bunk Beds And Loft Beds

A twin over full bunk bed is designed to create more sleeping space than a standard bunk bed.

It has a full-sized mattress on the floor for two people. The top bunk is a twin-size mattress, as the name says.

The trundle bunk bed is for three kids. The trundle features two stacked twin-size mattresses, along with a third in a base drawer beneath the bottom bunk.

The drawer has caster wheels for easy rolling in and out.

Bed for kids
Photo by Tristram Biggs on Flickr

Triple loft design is L-shaped. It is often placed in a corner of a kids room.

The top part features two adjoining beds that attach at a 90-degree angle. One of the top bunks is stacked over a bottom bunk while the other top bunk is elevated over an open space.

Wooden beds
Photo by John Coley on Flickr

L-shaped design features a top twin-size bunk placed vertically over the bottom bed, which may be a twin or a full-size, depending on the design. When viewed from above, the two beds form a slight L shape. The bottom bed is usually flanked by steps or a ladder on one side and storage space on the other.

Futon, as the name indicates, is a bunk bed that features a standard bed over a futon bed that can be converted into a sofa.


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