7 Living Room Wallpapers To Brighten Up Your Home

Tropical Theme Living Room
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Who says decorating your living room is expensive and a lot of work to do? For those of you looking for an instant update to your living room without spending too much out of your pocket and want to do it yourself, here is a brilliant idea—install a fresh looking wallpaper. It’s quick, easy, and affordable!

It’s essential to decorate your living room because it serves not only for you but for others, such as your friends and family. Most of us spend a lot of time in the living room, so make this important space fun, comfortable, and charming!

These 7 living room wallpapers ideas we have put out for you will definitely give your living room an enriching look you’re looking for. Let’s dive into it.

So say goodbye to the dull and boring living room, and say hello to your new favorite space in the house.

1. Create A Tropical Paradise On Your Living Room

Fresh Leaves Wallpaper
Photo by Designecologist on Unsplash

Picking a theme to add to your living room is the first step you want to do when planning to decorate the space. One of the prettiest looking living room wallpapers out there is the tropical style.

Now, there are many tropical style cool wallpapers out there. A lot of them are colorful, but there are also more subtle ones. A bright look will give the fun and fresh vibe to the room, while the calm color gives a relaxing effect to the room. So which one do you like best? Both will still feel light and airy, which is what many people look for when decorating a room.

Want something to remind you of summertime? Have the vibrant floral and exotic animals as your living room wallpaper.

To complete the tropical paradise feel, add some cane furniture and plantation shutters.

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2. Balance The Room With Tonal Style

Tonal Scheme Different Color Shades
Photo by Nick Hillier on Unsplash

If you’re looking to add a style to the room that is subtle and not overwhelming, you should opt for tonal style living room wallpapers.

One idea is to pick a cool wallpaper that has different shades of the same color. This will create a subtle stylistic feature in your living room.

Also, when choosing your tonal scheme, pick for a simple design with soft colors such as grey, light brown, red velvet, or light purple. It’s also a good idea to add some furniture to the mix to enhance the scheme.

Choose color-matching pillows, chairs, shelves, or artworks and put them in strategic positions to create maximum space in the room.

3. Landscape Wallpaper For Nature Lovers

Sunset Over The Ocean
Photo by Jonathan Bean on Unsplash

Add some uniqueness to your living room and make it stand out from all the other space in the house.

If you love the outdoors and want to remind yourself of it every day, landscape wallpaper will do the job. There are a lot of choices for you to choose from. Decide what your favorite landscape is and start browsing the internet. They have an excellent variety of options.

Are you looking for a soothing and calming view? Opt for the beach, the mountain, or the forest landscape. For a more romantic feel, choose the red and orange hue of the ocean and a sunset landscape.

These wallpaper ideas will help you sit back, relax and, enjoy your time in your living room.

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4. Go Bright And Add Extra Shine To Your Living Room

Yellow Sunshine Wallpaper
Photo by Vinicius Amano on Unsplash

Do you have a plain white wall and want to make a major change to it? Do you love colors? Why not go all out and put some bright colors on your wall?

Bright colors don’t only make the room stand out, but they give out positive feels to the room. Choose yellow sunshine to give the bright shade to your otherwise empty room.

Make sure to pair it up with some soft furnishings that complement the colors you’ve chosen.

Neutral colors such as white can help balance out the colorful wallpaper. A colorful yet minimalist wallpaper is also a simple way to go without overwhelming the whole room.

5. Look For Stylish Monochrome Wallpapers

Monochrome Wallpaper for Living Room
Photo by Ilya Shakir on Pexels

One of the simplest yet enchanting ideas is to have a go at monochrome living room wallpapers. They are stylish and add character to the room.

The black and white scheme perfectly goes with natural wood color. So if you have a lot of wooden furniture, monochrome is the perfect choice to go for.

Also, if you’re into minimalist design, monochrome minimalist wallpaper is your best bet when looking to enhance the look of your living room without sacrificing the simple scheme you wish to have.

What types of furniture goes along with the edgy white and black color? Ceramic decors and white-linen pillows are some brilliant ideas.

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6. Go Personal With Your Wallpaper

Personalised Wallpaper for Living Room
Photo by Fabian Steinmetz on Pixabay

One idea you can’t go wrong with is to go for personalized living room wallpapers.

Think about your hobbies, your passion, and any other profound interest and hang it up there in your living room. A customized scheme can be a cool wallpaper option.

If you love to travel, you can put the map of the world up there or if you love photography, why not put some of your photos there. Whichever it is you want to express on your wallpaper, make sure to blend with matching color scheme furniture. Toy around with some ideas and make it a reality.

Check out some 3D wallpapers to make your landscape theme as real as possible. Go for a personalized minimalist wallpaper that can give an elegant look to the house.

7. Add Some Texture To The Room

Brick Wallpaper for Living Room
Photo by Pixabay on Pexels

In this day and age, there are a lot of real-looking living room wallpapers for sale. Adding texture to your living room is an essential part of making it look enchanting.

One of the favorite wallpapers that have texture and looks good is a brick wall wallpaper. They come in different colors. You can have it in white or the natural brick color of brown and red. Choose the one that suits nicely with the dominant color of the house.

A 3D wallpaper is a perfect choice if you want to have a real-life looking texture. They are not only cool, but also an exciting theme to add style to your house.

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