8 Garage Doors That’s Anyday Unique & Super Stylish

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Probably the first thing that people notice when they enter the driveway of your house is the garage door. Homeowners should pay a lot of attention on this part of the house if they want to improve the aesthetic appeal of their home. Garage doors are an important part of the house and therefore, should be harmonized with the entire look of the house.

A garage door makes a huge difference to the external appearance of the house. If the architecture of the home is traditional, choose traditional garage doors. If you have a modern style house choose one of the many unique styles of garage doors with modern features that will enhance the overall design.

The garage door should follow the aesthetics of the garden and the facade, as well as the interior design and the furniture.

Styles of garage doors can vary from contemporary, Edwardian, Victorian & Ranch.

The wrong choice of the garage door can reduce the appeal and value of the home.
Luckily there are many types of garage doors available on the market. Depending on your wishes and your family budget you can choose from many different materials, sizes, colours and special options like the opening mechanism, insulation, windows, etc.

There are a lot of materials used for constructing a garage door like traditional wood and steel but also relatively new materials like aluminium, vinyl, glass and fibreglass.

The latest ones are green-labelled, eco-friendly and have environmental certification. For example, companies like Amarr make garage doors with up to 90% recycled material and approximately 5-10% of the steel is reused.

Types Of Garage Doors

Here are some of the most common types of garage doors that leading companies like Amarr, Overhead Door and Lowes usually produce.

1. Wood Garage Door

Wooden Garage Door
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The wood garage doors have a traditional and charming look that for sure will make your neighbours a little bit jealous. They are energy-efficient, but fair warning, they warp, rot and expand when exposed to moisture. This, without a doubt, will take away a lot from their attractiveness.

You should paint and stain a wood garage door every few years in order to maintain their beauty. And this requires a lot of time and money.

There are also wood composite garage doors, a cheaper option made from fiberboard. They do not have the same level of detail and beauty as garage doors made from other materials. However, they are energy-efficient, i.e. have cores that are filled with polystyrene insulation which prevents heated or cold air from escaping through the garage door.

2. Aluminium Garage Doors And Steel Garage Doors

Front of a house with a garage door
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The aluminium garage doors have the characteristics that wood ones do not. They are durable enough and will not warp, rot or expand when exposed to moisture. Plus, they are far less expensive. However, aluminium absorbs heat, which will make your garage unbearably warm.

If you want beauty, low maintenance and energy efficiency, get a steel garage door. Steel ones have many customization options such as panels, window inserts and colours, including wood grain finishes.

They will not warp, rot or expand when exposed to moisture. You do not have to stain or paint them. Many customers agree that steel is the best garage door material.

Moreover, steel ones are energy-efficient throughout the whole year. They have a foam core that makes garage airtight, keeping heated and cold air inside. Steel garage doors are more durable than the other options available on the market. Steel will not scratch or ding from a little hail.

3. Glass Garage Doors

Modern home with a glass garage door
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Glass garage doors are relatively new and they are not something you see often. They make the room feel larger. If you are using the garage as extra living space it might be fantastic.

However, everyone can see into your home. In order to protect your privacy, you can put curtains from the inside of the garage.

While the glass is thick and strong, it still does not match the durability of wood, steel or aluminium. You will see cracks over time from exposure to hail and strong winds.

4. Sectional Garage Doors

Installation of a sectional garage door panel
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Sectional garage doors are made up of horizontally hinged panels with wheels, which will allow the panels to roll up section by section on tracks into an overhead position. When the garage door is open, it will lay parallel to the roof and sit behind the opening.

The panels can be in various range of designs: plain, square embossment, rectangular embossment, and horizontal line embossment. These doors can be customized to include window inserts, hardware, textures and colours. They come in both insulated and non-insulated models.

5. Roll-Up Garage Doors

Front of a garage door
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Rolling doors operate vertically up and down, rolling up into the opening around a circular drum wheel. When the door is rolled up, most of it sits above the door opening. It is important to note that these doors require far more headroom above the opening than other garage door styles. Roll-up or coiling doors are made to resist heavy usage and high-performance units can be constructed without springs or enclosed to prevent rust, freezing and corrosion.

6. Slide To The Side Garage Doors

It works just as the name implies, bending to one side of the garage and sitting parallel to the wall. They run along with lower trolleys that are flexible enough to work with slight slopes in the floor or ceiling. Do not require balancing springs and have a built-in retractable motor for automated operation without the need for a ceiling-mounted operator. Among the first operating styles, originally used for garages with little headroom.

7. Side-Hinged Garage Doors

Door painted yellow
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This old-fashioned classic design is also known as the swing-out garage door. It looks like a large barn door when opened and closed. It has hinges on its sides and this allows the door to swing open rather than move up or to the side. The hinges can be customized to swing inwards or outwards.

These are especially good for garages with limited headroom or obstructions. Side-hinged garage doors can be in pre-hung steel frames or fit into existing openings. They can be automated with special conversion arms.

8. Tilt-Up/Up And Over Canopy Garage Doors

Green and blue entryway
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Like side-hinged styles, the tilt-up canopy ones have a pivoting hinge mechanism, so they can tilt up into the garage. The canopy-style door sits parallel to the ceiling of the garage and extends past the front of the house when the door is opened.

A tilt door is a one-piece panel door and does not have sections, i.e. it is made of one solid piece. The overhead panel tilts via pivoting arms and encloses the entire opening of the garage. There are different types of lifting hardware: J-type for light applications, T-type for heavier doors and counterweight doors for commercial and industrial use.

The main advantage of this type of garage door is that because of the one-piece design you can choose from a wider range of materials. Furthermore, windows and other decorative features can often be added to these types of doors, so they can easily adjust the design to suit personal preference.

Other Useful Information

Garage Door Sizes

When it comes to size, there are single and double garage doors. Single doors are large enough for one car to pass through while double doors are large enough for two cars. Single garage doors are usually 8 feet wide and double doors are 16 feet, both are 7 to 8 feet high, but those numbers are not always 100% accurate.

Amarr, Overhead & Lowes

The garage doors manufacturing business is dominated by huge companies and few family-owned businesses. World top companies, that produce wonderful garage doors with high quality, great aesthetic, numerous models and attractive designs are the brands Amarr, Overhead Door and Lowes.

Garage doors make the first impression on guests when they visit your home. And having a well-designed garage door is an absolute must, having a decorated outdoor space is even more important. Are you on the lookout for some great garage design ideas check it out here?


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