Attractive Coffee Tables To Brighten Up Your Living Room

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Coffee tables are a must in all modern and futuristic homes. Though the name is just after one of the most favourite beverages in the world, they are used for a variety of purposes. Nowadays it is mainly used to enhance the overall look and feel of the room.

Besides, it also serves as the holder of your favourite magazines, books, decorative artefacts and what not? Not to mention, when you place a cup of tea or coffee or a can of juice with guests, your coffee table inadvertently is the one that catches maximum attention.

But to make the most of this furniture, it is essential to choose the right kind of coffee table. It should also be the latest and classic design to impress all your friends and family. Additionally, you may come across a rustic coffee table, glass coffee table, or the usual square and rectangular ones.

So which coffee table will be the best to boost your decor?

To make it easier for you, here’s a list of top five attractive designs to brighten up your living room. Have a look!

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Five Awesome Coffee Tables Available On Amazon:


1. Vasagle Retro Coffee Table

Vasagle Retro Coffee Table
Photo by Amazon


To add a dash of the glorious past to your living room, this brown Vasagle retro coffee table will be a great addition. It’s super solid with rubberwood canted leg support fastened with screws and wooden pegs.

Moreover, the P2 grade particleboard frame adds to its durability and an extended stay. It also looks great on the patio or bedrooms, so you can move it around anytime for a change in setup.

This has the look of a mid-century rustic coffee table, yet, you’ll be surprised by the charm it adds to your pleasant evenings. Since it features three open access areas, you’ll get plenty of space to host friends over a little board game, or movie shows. Or to even place your laptop for some quick work.

Buy your Vasagle Retro Coffee table from Amazon


2. Haring Square Rotating Black Oak Coffee Table

Haring Square Rotating Black Oak Coffee Table
Photo by Amazon


This Haring square rotating black oak coffee table is the perfect choice for modern homes seeking contemporary touch.

With its convenient rotating solid wood planks, be ready to mesmerize your guests with your style statement. Moreover, it is suitable for rooms of all shapes and sizes due to its compact design.

You can also conveniently place it in any other room, and use it for multiple purposes. Plus, it has a low height, so you can rest your feet with ease when watching your favourite show at the end of the day.

Buy this fantastic piece of furniture and brace yourself for receiving heartwarming compliments.

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3. CosmoLiving Storage Ottoman Coffee Table

CosmoLiving Storage Ottoman Coffee Table
Photo by Amazon


Looking for a coffee table to glam up your living room? The attractive CosmoLiving ottoman coffee table sold by Amazon is one easy solution.

The pleated velvet body and removable top render it a luxurious look. Plus, you can use it to store some extra cushions, remotes, etc. to keep all the stuff within easy reach.

The best part about this coffee table is that it is available in different colour variants. So you can easily match or contrast it with other furniture in the room. In addition, the hidden storage is hard to detect, unless you choose to spill the beans.

Buy this ottoman coffee table and fill your coffee time with extra luxury and comfort.

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4. VASAGLE Round Coffee Table

VASAGLE Round Coffee Table
Photo by Amazon


Another stunner by Vasagle, this round coffee table is a classic fit for all kinds of homes. Pair this outstanding glass coffee table with a cosy couch, and some flowers and your guests are sure to be wowed.

With its golden glass table, it will never go out of fashion. Plus, you’ll also not need to fuss about the cleaning and maintenance.

Are you bothered about the durability of this table? Rest assured as the 6 mm thick tempered glass plate that can bear up to 154 lb of load. Besides, the frame is robust one-piece support.

So if you buy this round coffee table, you can efficiently showcase your class and style in one single piece of furniture.

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5. Rimdoc Triangle Glass Coffee Table

Rimdoc Triangle Glass Coffee Table
Photo by Amazon


A solid wood frame that comes in four different colour variants make this triangle glass coffee table by Rimdoc is a must buy.

Beautifully crafted in a modern chic design, this table will be one of a kind addition to your lovely living room. The tempered glass top is right on durability. Besides, the hardwood base adds a unique charm to the modern outlook.

The triangle shape is an excellent option if you wish to place your coffee table in a corner.

The best part though is that this piece of furniture comes from the designs of a famous Japanese designer Noguchi.

So your table will be more than a piece of furniture as it will showcase a blend of form, class and perfection.

Buy Rimdoc Triangle Glass Coffee Table from Amazon


Some Tips To Enhance The Beauty Of Your Coffee Table

Apart from the amazing coffee table ideas that we have mentioned above, it’s also vital to adorn them with the right kind of decor items. This is because not all decor can look best with every type of table.

For instance, a rustic coffee table will look best with candles and ornate vases. While a round glass table looks premium when topped with some fresh branches of flowers placed in a jar.

Another tip that comes in handy for your living room decor is the placement and choice of other furniture. If you are buying a golden frame table, it can be best matched with similar polish on the couch frame or other furniture. Plus, placing a luxurious rug under the table is an excellent idea for all kinds of coffee tables.

No living room is ever complete without the presence of a coffee table.

Apart from the many uses we have mentioned in the beginning, they also serve as the loyal footrest when you call it a day. So I hope that you’ll buy a coffee table that best matches your style and personality. Happy shopping!


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