20 Ways to Rock The Monochrome Aesthetic

Jazz it up with monochromatic decor!

What is your ideal home like?

Splashes of bright colors everywhere, or simple and oozing timeless appeal with a monochrome palette?

If the suggestions of expert interior designers are to go by, the monochromatic scheme is not about to go away anytime soon.

The über-chic white and black (with hues of grey) combination is increasingly curving its niche globally. But how should one incorporate white and black into his/her house?

Here is your answer:


1. Start With The Doorway

A black door makes for a striking first impression.
Photo by Jordan Sanchez on Unsplash

As they say, the first impression is (by far) the most important one.

Give your guests a sampler of the monochromatic palette when they visit your place.

A wooden door with rich, black oil finish would look resplendent, especially when the walls are of neutral colors. Arouse their curiosity as to what lies inside.

Place some fresh blooms artfully in a pedestal vase and voila! A grand entrance in monochrome.


2. Make Your Living Room A Riot Of Colors

Yin and yang.
Photo by Alex on Unsplash

…a riot of white and black, to be more precise.

Make the walls and ceiling pristine white and place black furniture pieces artistically.

Place a rug or carpet on the floor with monochromatic patterns and throw some pillows on the sofa with similar patterns.

There – now you’re all set to rock the monochrome definition, and make your guests go “wow”!


3. Combine Various Eras

Black-and-white and antique furniture make the best combination.
Photo by Sebastien LE DEROUT on Unsplash

Do you have an antique piece of furniture, a vintage table maybe? Did you think it would look out of place in your stylish monochrome abode? Well, we suggest you keep your options open.

Yes, color usage tends to be more restricted with a primarily monochromatic scheme.

But before you dismiss monochrome entirely, try this: just place that table next to a modernist chair, and see if you like the combination.


4. Rock The Kitchen With Monochrome

How about some black and white tiles?
Photo by Emma Frances Logan on Unsplash

Keep your kitchen traditional yet modern when you want monochrome to work.

Put white and black tiles on the backsplash and a white island of glossy marble.

This way, your monochromatic kitchen will be more refined with tradition and modernism.


5. Banquette And Throw-On

Jazz it up with monochromatic decor!

Raise your monochrome definition a notch higher with white pillows against a banquette of pure black or jet black color.

Throws, pillows or cushions, and rugs with graphic motifs like bold stripes, herringbone, and chevron are unique and effective ways to add to the monochrome aesthetic of your home.


6. Floor and Walls

White walls ftw.
Photo by Lorenzo from Pexels

Add more depth to your living space with extra care towards the choice of color you apply to the floor and walls.

Go for contrasting black floor with a matte white wall. You are good to go chic with the monochromatic scheme. Crisp white walls make the place look bigger.


7.Concentrate On Accessories

You can never go wrong with white accessories/decor.
Photo by Crew on Unsplash

Of course, you are cautious about the accessories you choose to decorate your home. But we are talking about the small ones like doorknobs, hardware, plumbing fixtures, and hooks, etc.

Choose white (matte or not) and black color for these fixtures also to complete the monochromatic theme of home décor.


8. Nurture The Grey Matter

Grey doesn't have to be dull and depressing - quite the opposite, in fact.
Photo by Nathan Fertig on Unsplash

Not of your brain, but of the color palette! Classic literature and films have always pictured gray as a cold and numb color.

But choose a shade of gray in flat eggshell acrylic to give your décor a warm and soft look of monochrome.


9. Neutral Layering

Gold decor adds a touch of elegance to any space.
Photo by Jens Johnsson on Unsplash

With monochromatic palette everywhere, you can layer your room with neutral accents with the likes of gold, jute, marble, antique brass items, etc.

These textural elements will give the monochrome definition another dimension and reflect your love for experiments.

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10. Appliances In Monochrome

Black kitchen details.
Photo by Paolo Bendandi on Unsplash

While you’re at you, why not give your appliances a touch of monochrome too?

Keep it light with shades on the wall and cabinetry. Or go for solid black hardware, fume hood, and black range.

Welcome contrast the monochrome way – you know you want to.


11. Whitewashed Floor

Whitewashed texture.
Photo by liz west on Flickr

Pair a brooding shade of gray with a whitewashed floor in your home with monochrome. This will surely add to the depth of the décor.

In addition, as the expert, Sean Anderson says, “Will brighten your proud monochromatic possession.”


12. Sneak A Peak Outside

Glass walls allow you to admire the world outside.
Photo by Hieu Vu Minh on Unsplash

What do you see from your living room? A lush green valley or tall industrial buildings?

Whatever view you’re presented with, don’t put your love for white and black up against these elements.

Design the monochromatic abode of your dreams elegantly and go for glass walls to complement the beauty that lies in front of your eyes.


13. Add Greenery To Liven Up The Monochrome

Add greenery to break up the monotony of bnw.
Photo by Ismael Reis on Unsplash

Accentuate the monochrome definition with green hues. Did you know that green with white and black makes a perfect combination?

Place some greenery to introduce a breath of fresh air into your interior and bring it to life.

It is always refreshing to come back to your cozy corner with a whip of freshness to breathe in.

Easy on the eyes and great for the lungs, too.


14. Glossy Paint

Wipe that frown off your face – we know what you’re thinking. ‘Glossy’ and ‘paint’ together?!

No worries. No, you don’t have to move away from monochrome just to settle for some gloss in your interior.

Opt for high-gloss monochromatic paint in your dining room. This would rock the style as it would bring some reflective quality to the already stylish home of yours.


15. Embrace Minimalism

The monochrome palette is best used in moderation.
Photo by Adam Marcucci on Unsplash

While aiming to stay chic and uber with monochrome, do not overdo it.

Place a single vase with only a few flower stems, position a piece of art on the wall and this will allow your rooms to accomplish the style you desire.

Just like you and your passion for white and black, minimalism and monochrome are integral to each other.

The monochromatic definition, in its true sense, can do wonders in keeping your home aesthetically pleasing and rocking at the same time.


16. Alternate Shades

A little variation never does any harm.
Photo by Becca Tapert on Unsplash

Who says that your interior is all about white and black? Put furniture in alternating shades.

Put a gray sofa set against a black brick wall, put chairs of various shades side by side.

Customize your cabinetry using ebonized oak to make your house bolder and more beautiful.

The monochrome interior gives you more chance to experiment with shades, and explore their beauty in more than one way.


17. Add More Depth

Attract attention with 3D wallpapers like this.
Photo by Amazon

We talked about flooring and choice of shades earlier. But how to add depth to the rooms? An easy solution is 3D wallpapers in monochromatic shades.

Give your walls a spectacular accent with cool and smart designs on the walls and bring the otherwise monotonous palette of your interior décor to life.

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18. Be Fun And Aesthetic

Always go for accent flooring!
Photo by Josh Hemsley on Unsplash

While we are talking about monochrome aesthetic, should we restrict ourselves to only white and black? Of course not!

Bring fun and funky in your monochrome definition by giving your place an accent floor.

With the proper color of furniture and lighting, this is going to be a bona fide experience for whoever visits your place.


19. Pallet Furniture

Pallets are great for making furniture.
Photo by Harishan Kobalasingam on Unsplash

Do you want your guests go “Oh so stylish!” the moment they enter your home? Choose pallet furniture.

Simple? Check. Functional? Check. Stylish? Super check. Rock your room with subtle sleekness while adding depth to it.


20. Lighting Fixtures

Who says lights can't be fun?
Photo by Adri Tormo on Unsplash

“Let there be light!” Be unique with the lighting. Ditch traditional lighting in favor of LED lighting with geometric patterns.

Place the lights strategically to illuminate the minutest features of your home and complement the choice of monochromatic shades.

Remember, with only white and black in your palette (and the various shades of it), it is the mirrors, glass, and lights that bring uber-chic elements to life.

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Stay true to the phrase “neighbor’s envy owner’s pride” with your monochrome home décor.

Be eclectic, experimental and settle for something that makes your visitors appreciate your taste.

Monochrome is suitable for every mood. Rock those monochrome shades today, and make your house the coveted ‘home’ you yearn to return to.

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