9 Types Of Playroom Decor To Max The Fun Factor

who says rugs have to be boring?
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Ask any child what his/her favorite activity is, and the answer will likely be playtime.

Playtime is important for a variety of reasons. It’s in the playroom that children learn important life skills, such as motor skills and problem-solving skills.

The playroom also serves as a safe little haven for the little ones to rest and relax.

Here are 9 types of playroom decor you can use to give your child(ren) a memorable childhood:

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1. Frame ’em Up, Loud And Proud

A set of cartoon animal murals
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Put up drawings of Disney Princesses, Marvel superheroes, or cute furry animals on the walls. Whatever tickles your child’s fancy, really.

Art sets the mood and adds character to any space. Used in the playroom, such pieces of art will have the effect of making playtime more fun and dynamic.

Bonus if the murals have educational messages on them, like the ones shown above! We adore the gentle encouragement given – it’s apt for particularly young and sensitive souls.

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2. Add A Teepee For Fictional Character Roleplaying

photo of a teepee for kids
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A reading corner, a pretend play area, a ‘sleepover’ tent – these are just a few of the many possible ways to use a teepee.

The teepee is a type of tent which origins can be traced to ancient nomadic tribes of America.

When it comes to playroom decor, however, the teepee is simply a great place for children to learn while roleplaying their favorite fantasy characters.

Consider yourself warned beforehand – the teepee is such a magical place that once your child goes in, he/she might not want to come out. Ever.

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3. Ball Pits For Hours Of Bouncy Fun

a bouncy ball pit
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Which child could resist diving straight into a pit full of balls? (For the record, I couldn’t when I was a child.)

With a ball pit, never worry about your kids being bored again: they’ll have a blast in there, for hours on end.

Dubious about how fun a ball pit can actually be? While they may look simple, never estimate the power of a good ol’ fashioned fun.

Apart from being a source of entertainment, these also stimulate a child’s interest in colors, shapes, and textures, thereby promoting sensory development.

Overall verdict: undoubtedly a childhood essential, we say.

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4. Treehouse Bed To Explore Nature At Home

Renew your child's sense of wonder with a treehouse bed
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This one’s for all dem budding nature lovers out there. That’s right –  I’m referring to the kiddos who enjoy climbing trees, playing in mud, etc.

If spending the day in nature isn’t enough for them, why not let them spend night with it, too?

Treehouse beds allow your child(ren) to connect with nature; they bring out your child’s senses of wonder and exploration.

Don’t worry about how safe this particular treehouse bed is: made of 100-percent pine wood with steel reinforcement points, it’s as durable as can be.

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5. Interactive Learning Toys For Growth And Development

interactive toys for the kids
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During my time, traditional board games like Scrabble and Monopoly ruled. These days, however, things are vastly different.

Technology seems to have woven its way into every aspect of our lives… including childrens’ toys.

For kids, this means more tech toys, or – at the very least – toys which involve technology of some form. Take, for instance, the robot pictured above.

Touted by its maker as a “good playmate for kids”, the DEERC Robot Toy can recognize human voices and responds to words with dancing and music.

Time spent with this robot pal will be fruitful, to say the least. By just clapping thrice, kids can enjoy 3 songs and have fun whilst learning. What’s not to like?

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6. Explore The World With Wall Decal

a large wall decal that is informative, too
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With wall decals like these, learning about the world’s animals (or any other topic, for that matter) will never be boring again.

Alphabets, the solar system, Disney princesses… there are options for every child (yes, even the fussiest ones).

Wall decals are great because practically no commitment is required. Changed your mind and want something else on the wall? Just take it off right away.

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7. Get Fancy With Playroom Flooring

who says rugs have to be boring?
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The thing with kids is that, more often than not, they end up playing on the floor.

As such, playroom flooring is really important. Try to cushion your child’s legs/knees/body with a nice, fluffy rug.

Pique your child(ren)’s curiosity by choosing one which is brightly colored, or with illustrations on it.

This playroom rug, for example, allows your child(ren) to feel as if they were in (fictional) town themselves. Imagine little feet walking on those “roads”: ain’t that adorable?

Buy Jackson Kid Rug Carpet Playmat for Toy Cars and Train from Amazon. 


8. Say Goodbye To Dirty Walls With Chalk Wallpaper

Chalkboard wallpaper for hours of drawing fun!
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Tired of your kid ruining your perfectly good walls? Here’s a product that will hopefully save the day: chalkboard wallpaper.

As its name implies, chalkboard wallpapers are wallpapers which also function as chalkboards. These can be pasted over your playroom walls.

Easy both to install and remove, chalkboard wallpapers allow for fuss-free writing, drawing and erasing any time.

The kids are happy, but so are their parents. It’s a win-win situation!

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9. Jazz Things Up With Lots of Colors

a colorful clock
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Fact is, children tend to outgrow things quickly: before you know it, your child has gone from loving the color green to making it his/her mortal enemy.

How best to cater to their ever-changing needs, then? Well, one simple way would be to incorporate color using accessories.

Pillow covers, throw rugs, and even larger objects like lamps: take your time to experiment with different accessories. Mix and match different patterns and colors to see which combination suit your playroom best.

Apart from adding color, accessories like pillow covers and throw rugs also add texture, which is wonderful because it makes the playroom “pop”.

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Never doubt the importance of a well-designed/decorated playroom: it’ll make your child happy, and aid him/her in his/her development as well.

Impress your child’s friends (and maybe even his parents) with these ideas today!


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